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  1. 99 Supreme Mystery Box Opening, Enjoy: 11x Shadow Brutal Whip 3x Illumination Platebody 5x Seismic Staff 2x Colorful Scarf 4x Energy Sword 4x Colorful Platelegs 4x Sick af maul xd 3x Google chrome sword 7x Illumination Platelegs 4x Purple Dimension Bow 3x Colorful Helm 1x One Legs 2x Limey Bow 3x American Whip 3x Illumination Helm 3x Pink tophat 10x Rainbow Spirit shield 2x White Wings 7x Turqoise Hat 5x Rainbow Bow 1x Quest Cape Wings 3x Colorful plate 1x Frost Minigun 1x One platebody 1x metalic platelegs 5x Icy Katana 1x Collector Necklace Thanks, Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Hey bro, I'll be doing 3 more different types of boxes within the next day or so, so keep an eye out! 😄
  3. The big question is always - Is it worth it? So I've opened 99 Store Mystery Boxes, to show you what my loot was like! Read below for pictures and a short video of the openings: Items Received: 6x $50 Bond 1x $25 Bond 3X $10 Bond 3x Vortex's Warhammer 2x Vortex's Supreme Bow 4x Vortex's Supreme Crossbow 1x Infernal Max Cape 4x American Pernix Cowl (Elite) 4x American Pernix Body (Elite) 4x American Pernix Chaps (Elite) 1x Hellfire Shadow Sword 4x Lit Sword 2x Karamja Gloves 4 2x Icy Katana 5x Droprate Increasing Boots 2x Toxic Twisted Bow 4x Custom Rex Helm 4x Custom Rex Platebody 4x Custom Rex Platelegs 1x Hellfire Scroll 3x Ring of Devotion 5x Animal Bow 3x Darth Maul Wings 1x Custom Justiciar Helm 1x Custom Justiciar Body 1x Custom Justiciar Legs 3x Unlimited Prayer Scroll 3x Suics Minigun 3x Collector's Necklace (I) 2x Pet Infernal Beast 1x Pet Hulk 2x Pet Custom Hound 3x Pet Abyzou Wrencher 1x Ruby Amulet (b) 2x Infinite Overload Potion 2x Vortex Helm 2x Vortex Platebody 2x Vortex Platelegs 1x Rainbow Texturized Partyhat 3x Helm of IDK what 3x Body of IDK what 3x Legs of IDK what 3x Blackstone Range Boots 3x Blackstone Range Gloves 1x Vortex's Longsword 1x Blackstone Vesta Chainbody 1x Blackstone Vesta Plateskirt 1x Blackstone Melee Boots 1x Blackstone Melee Gloves 2x Oreo Torva FullHelm 2x Oreo Torva Platebody 2x Oreo Torva Platelegs 2x Oreo Gloves 2x Oreo Boots 2x Oreo Wings 1x Greywave Spirit Shield 1x Golden Minigun 1x Darth Maul Torva Full Helm 1x Darth Maul Torva Platebody 1x Darth Maul Torva Platelegs 1x Dragon Minigun 2x Collector Necklace 1x Ringmaster Boots 3x Donation Box 3x Infernal Mystery Box 1x Supreme Mystery Box 2 SMB.mp4 Thanks for checking this out, hope it helps! 2 SMB.mp4
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