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    To be honest I'm not even sure where to start on running a rsps on mobile. That takes a huge developer for that project.
  2. Matt


    Welcome to the server Kieren 🙂
  3. NOTE: Requirement: Active on server, must be active on discord (voice is a plus) Active on forum is a plus. Make sure to use the template below. In-game Username: Country & Timezone (GMT): Hours spent playing daily/weekly: Time played / Date Registered: What do you do outside of Ascension? Experience as staff on past servers/games: What made you interested in applying for staff rank? Why should you be considered? (How will you impact this community) How Familiar are you with Ascension content? (ex: Prices of items, teleportation locations and commands?) Do you feel you have impacted the Ascension community in a positive way? If so, please explain how. What do you believe are the main responsibilities of this position? What would you do if someone was using offensive language? What would you do if someone was insulting a staff member? What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items? Anything else you would like us to know? NOTE: Take this application serious, your application will be denied if you have not taken the time to fill it out all the way and properly.
  4. Rules of Ascension Please make sure to read through the rules so you understand the rules. Rule-breakers will not be tolerated and will be dealth with according to their offense, breaking rules can lead to a permanent ban in-game and on the forums. Rule 1. Loans, lending, donations and trust Trades. Member of the staff team not allowed to lend any items out. Players are allowed to lend out items but on own risk, Staff will not ensure any loans. All donations bought in the game should be done with staff as MM. Players are not allowed to engage in unbalanced trades/gambles on the promise of a future donation. Rule 2. No player killing with custom items. Players are not allowed to pvp in the wilderness with any custom weapon. Players are not allowed to lure people at any way into the wilderness. Rule 3. Help cc and yell. The help cc is for players to receive answers on questions on in-game content. Do not ask for any gamble request in the Help CC. All rules apply in the help cc, hence flaming, offensive language, begging are equally forbidden in the Help cc Players are allowed to ask for any gamble request in yell, but make sure not to spam. (or join gamble fc) Rule 4. Impersonation of Others players. Players are not allowed to impersonate other members of the community, especially staff members. This includes but is not limited to, usernames similar to staff members, using icons in yell/cc/pm/chat or falsely purporting to be a staff member. Impersonation of a staff member may lead to an automatic ban. Rule 5. No multi-account pvm., not even at a different boss. Players are allowed to have up to 2 accounts online with the same IP at any time. You are not allowed to pvm on 2 regular accounts at the same time, one can pvm and others can skill. You are allowed to pvm on 1 regular account and 1 ironman at the same time, but not the same npc (eventboss not included). Rule 6. No R.W.T in any way shape or form or sharing account. Players are not allowed to sell any wealth, accounts, or items for PayPal, cash, or any means of real-life payment/and or other virtual games. Players are not allowed to sell, buy, or trade RuneScape wealth or accounts. Buying/selling/sharing account is illegal. Rule 7. No trading items to or from an Ironman. Players are not allowed to drop trade item from an ironman to any other accounts. Rule 8. No advertising other servers. Players are not allowed to advertise for another server or website. Rule 9. Do not spam Matt, especially calling them on discord, you'll be instantly blocked. Only Pm Matt if its important, els pm Sudam9. Only tag Matt/Sudam on discord if it's important. Rule 10. Safe spotting NPC Players are not allowed to safe spot any bosses or monsters. Rule 11. No pkp farming. No pkp farming at any point. Rule 12. No refunding donations. Players cant get donation refund make sure only to donate if you can afford it. Rule 13. No achievement farming. Players are not allowed to farming any achievement rewards, bonds, (ecto tokens ETC) Rule 14. No evading staff/rules. Rule 15. No cannon at ANY Starter combat areas. ::Starterzone ::boxzone ::unicorn ::event ::token If any other players join pick up the cannon. Rule 16. Staff application. Do not ask ANY staff to get staff rank, go make a staff application. Players are not allowed to ask people to view at your staff application. Rule 17. No harassment or flame of any kind Sexual harassment will result in instant punishment. Flame other people will result in punishment. Rule 18. Selling donor items such as overloads is not allowed. Players are not allowed to sell/trade overlord. Players are not allowed to sell/trade effigy. Players are not allowed to sell/trade donor items. Rule 19. Rule bending is illegal Example: "I did not sell him overload's I gave him them because selling them is illegal". Rule 20. No vote manipulation Example: VPN voting. Rule 21. No using 3rd party programs of any kind. Botting. Scripting. Macroing. Auto clicking. Auto-typing. Rule 22. Staff members. Staff Members not allowed to FP/Gamble/dice on staff account. Staff Members Not allowed to lend items out. Staff Members not allowed to play other RSPS Servers. Rule 23. Gambling Rules. some1 (planting or rolling) with less than 30h is not allowed Players should always trusted Middleman when FP/Gamle to hold. Players are not allowed to gamble/dice or plant for another player less than 30-hour playtime. No pets are allowed at gamble area.
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