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Supreme Mystery Box Opening!

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99 Supreme Mystery Box Opening, Enjoy:

11x Shadow Brutal Whip

3x Illumination Platebody

5x Seismic Staff

2x Colorful Scarf

4x Energy Sword

4x Colorful Platelegs

4x Sick af maul xd

3x Google chrome sword

7x Illumination Platelegs

4x Purple Dimension Bow

3x Colorful Helm

1x One Legs

2x Limey Bow

3x American Whip

3x Illumination Helm

3x Pink tophat

10x Rainbow Spirit shield

2x White Wings

7x Turqoise Hat

5x Rainbow Bow

1x Quest Cape Wings

3x Colorful plate

1x Frost Minigun

1x One platebody

1x metalic platelegs

5x Icy Katana

1x Collector Necklace







Thanks, Hope you enjoy it!




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