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Oreo's Guide to Taxbags :D

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Oreo's Guide to Making Money

Because the economy may fluctuate, this guide may become out of date. Definitely explore your options. :)

Guide is also drop-rate dependent. 

Starter Level

(No extra droprate)

At this level it is beneficial to try to grind out a weapon you are going to be able to progress with, and obtain your firt drop rate item. Starting by grinding out a 'Noob Godsword' in starterzone will definitely help you progress to begin. After this you can choose whatever method suits you to obtain bones, as there are several.

To obtain a weapon that is a little bit better, head to ::event, ::unicorns, or ::defilers. Golden Miniguns are obtainable from all of these. I like ::event better, it will cost 2500 ecto tokens, easily obtainable by completing achievements in your achievement diary, supplemented with a few kills.

After you have obtained your Golden Minigun, it would be beneficial to take one of these two paths: ::lexicus in order to obtain trickster armor pieces, which will be a step up from the range armor you have now, or ::event to grind out the Ring of Devotion, which will give you 100% drop rate, which will be the easiest item for you to obtain at this point in the game, though it will likely take a couple of hours. 

Beginner Level

(100% drop rate)

Now that you have completed the previous steps, you can start making some cash. There are really two options I like to start out here, ::necrolord or ::vetion. I recommend ::vetion in order to acquire better armor (American Pernix (elite)). Armor from Vetion and Necrolords is sellable to the 'I Buy Stuff for Taxbags' NPC in ::shops, though you may be able to sell American Pernix to a player for slightly better. 

As a side note, if you would like to switch to a melee setup at this point, you can do ::necrolords for American Torva pieces, and an American Whip.


You can buy rainbow bows from the prestige shop and use the Item Upgrade npc in ::shops in order to try and get a chance at a Frost Minigun, which will allow you to fight monsters in the next level. You can do this through all of these levels.

As you come across money you can keep some American Pernix (elite) pieces in order to attempt to upgrade them into Crimson Pernix, which will also help put you into the next tier of gear, and as you gain extra, will sell to the shop for around 1250 bags a piece. 

The next easily obtainable piece of DR gear is 50% DR Boots. If there are some in the shop, you can buy them there, or you can go back to ::event and grind out more Ring of Devotions, and attempt to upgrade those into DR Boots. 

I will take this time to list the other DR items you should be shooting for.

Collectors Necklace obtainable form Ultra Donation Boxes.

Emerald Amulet (b) obtainable from Slayer Shop for 9000 Slayer Points.

Abyssal Armor pieces, obtainable from ::event for 20,000 ecto a piece. 

Max Cape from maxing skills.

Comp Cape from completing achievement diary.

Darklord Cape obtainable from crunchy claw tokens at ::darklord. 

Pets, dropped from different bosses. 

Check out the droprate guide for a more comprehensive list.

There are other drop rate items, but these are the easiest to obtain.

Medium Player

(200% drop rate)

Here it becomes very beneficial to grind out slayer tasks. The slayer shop has beneficial armor and weapons. Get the 2x slayer points ring for 10,000 points to speed up assignments. The slayer tasks assigned from bravek tend to net good money. There is also a chance to receive a Dragon Minigun from each slayer assignment completed. Notabley good drops are from ::chound as you can sell the mystery boxes, and they add up quite fast, Defenders sword from ::defenders is a very good sword, Suic armor from ::sagittare, and Ring of Devotion from ::tokash.

Remember, we already showed you how to make DR boots, if you get rings from ::tokash you can attempt to upgrade them and sell those for quite a nice profit if successful.

Any item you get that you think may sell well you can take to ::gamble and use on the NPC in the middle of the room there for a chance at doubling it.

****you may also lose your items, gamble at your own risk****

Advanced Player / Late Game Player

(300% drop rate +)

By now you have figured out how to make money the best way for you, but there may be content you haven't experienced because of the grind. 

Try the olm minigame, there is a chest at the end of it with some very nice loot in it.

Try staking (::duel), and test your luck!

Go back to old content like ::event. You have enough drop rate to grind out tokens consistently and quickly, which may turn a nice profit for you.

Try ::pokezone, there is some very unique content here! If you go to the back, Yvetal drops some great armor! Beware, this isn't an AFK boss!!!

Try Multi-Bosses like ::Dragon, ::eventboss, ::cv, ::cw with a couple of friends for a chance at some awesome pets!

If you are really struggling to find something to do....

Try to collect ALL of the armor sets! I promise it will take a little while :)

Tortoises can be accessed at $2k donated!

Attempt to collect enough bonds for VIP donator, $5k is a long ways away!



There are several NPC's in ::shops with helpful items. The praise scroll will give you a 2 hour boost of 100% drop rate, and the Scroll of Cleansing will give you a 2 hour boost of double drops! 

If you have a surplus of low-tier armor and weapons, (sparta, trickster, american whip, Egyptian swords, etc) why not save them to give to a new player, to help retain them and grow our server! :)


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Great Guide. Add some pictures to really top it off! If you need something to screenshot with pm me.

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